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The Comic Bible™  - Stand UP and read THIS is the premiere magazine about the comedy industry. Its interviews include your favoirte comedic performers and writers, industry professionals who offered a deep insight into the entertainment industry, and shared their casting and entertainment secrets. Articles cover every aspect of comedy from all over the world. The magazine also offers updated listings of clubs, festivals and comedy happenings throughout the world.
As of January 2011 the magazine will begin publishing quarterly. Get on the mailing list so you do not miss an issue. Check out for resources and more information.

The Comic Bible™ ISSN: 1105-1095 Published by MAP/PMS Productions Copyright 1996-2010
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Deepest gratitude to  the many performers, writers, agents, managers, bookers, press agents, and all in the entertainment industry who made the Comic BibleTM magazine a fabulous resource, and the most popular magazine about the comedy industry.

To those who were interviewed, for taking time, sharing your knowledge of the industry, your dreams,
successes, and talent.

To Katherine Hasell, Alice Liu, Ellen Hasell, Lori Valenti, Roz Browne, Karen Loftus, Rich Adamo and all of the many Comic Bible writers and contributors including:
Rich Adamo, Howard Alzrachi, Benny Allen, Madeleine Begun Kane; Bang Balutanski, D.C. Benny, Scott Blakeman, Dave Brody, Roz Browne, John Cantu, Tim Carrier, Rudolph Cecera, Bill Chamberlain, Dina Cohen, Colin Cohen, Michael Cookson, Jane Condon, Joe Cutrona, Beth Danford, Greg Dean, Bridget Dengel, Becky Donohue, Gorden Gebert, Georgina Genchur, Andrew Goffman, Jeffrey Gurian, Rosie Haas, Tasha Harris, Vid Hardt, Ellen Hasell, Katherine Hasell, Rene Hicks, Mike Irwin, Jon Keyes, Hans Kottman, Chris Kuhn, Pat Lamb, Tommy Lee, Alice Liu, Howard Leib, Karen Loftus, Halina Meyer, Bill Michaels, Terry Moore, Micheal Nappi, Stu Nulman, Jody Oliver, Vivian Paxton, Debbie Perlman, Chris Potocki, Marc Principato, Lia Redding, Jerry Sangiamo, Ken Scallon, Wayne Scallon, Carol Scibelli, Dave Schwensen, Trav SD, Michael Shader, David Smith, Tom Soter, Leatrice Spevack, Steve Strangio, Jerry Tallmer, Gunslinger Thomas, Maryelle Turner, Ed Zareh, Paula Zimmerman Taylor, TS, Yumi, and all.

Comic BibleTM and Celebrity Comics BabbleTM Published  by PMS Productions Inc. Copyright © 1996-2010  MAP PMS Productions Inc. All rights reserved.    Legal information
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After publication, the comedy industry lost stars whose careers and words are featured within. It is acknowledged with deep sorrow that
Robert Schimmel passed on September 3, 2010; and with great sadness  that
Greg Giraldo’s lifetime in comedy was tragically cut short on September 29, 2010.

Rest in peace and laughter.